Temporary exhibitions

SPACE C – 39 miles above sea level

Imagine being able to travel into space and look down at the earth spinning beneath you…
The exhibition “SPACE C – 39 miles above sea level” allows you to try your hand at being an astronaut aboard the ISS, the International Space Station.

“Small is beautiful”
a journey into the microcosm

In February, you can come to the museum to see a photo exhibition of images taken with an electron microscope at the University of Tromsø. Here you get to see incredible close-ups of pollen grains, diatoms, bacteria and more.

Laughter in the air!

A flying lecturer from Oslo Handelsgym, Tore Lund, started collecting flying jokes. This is how the collection “Laughter in the air!” Eventually became. to. See samples from the collection at the Aviation Museum!
Treat yourself to a laugh in the winter darkness!

Baghdad and infinity
An adventurous guest exhibition!

Do you like solving puzzles, cracking codes, solving practical tasks, playing games? In this exhibition you can do all this, and you are in an Eastern-inspired environment with bazaar tents and Persian rugs. “Baghdad and infinity” presents you with many challenges, which you – perhaps without knowing it – use mathematics to solve.

Tassels on the wound

“Tassels on the wound” is a traveling exhibition made by Tromsø Museum. It is a colorful and beautiful exhibition. It shows how people in northern Norway obtained food and medicine using old knowledge about local plants. The exhibition also tells how the traditional knowledge of the power of plants forms the basis for both modern pharmacy, alternative medicine and our daily diet.

One does not have to look long to find plants that were used in traditional folk medicine. Did you know that birch, for example, was used to loosen kidney stones and to apply wounds? Want to know what benefit the horseshoe did and the amount of antioxidants we find in blueberries? Then you can take the class on a museum visit, maybe you want to go on a berry trip in the autumn?

Lighter than air

The exhibition Lättare än luft – the dream that flying will encourage creativity at the same time as it tells us how our flying dreams have looked through the ages.

The exhibition is aimed primarily at children and young people, but also at adults with imagination and dreams of flying. The exhibition mixes imaginative sculptures by the artist Lars Agger with examples from the first attempts to fly, and evidence of today’s advanced technique. Nature’s own fantastic solutions on how to fly are shown with examples from the world of birds and insects.

The team of Swedish National Exhibitions.

Online exhibition: To the point?

The aviation pioneer Einar Sem-Jacobsen’s pictures from Norwegian and European aviation circa 1909-1918

December 17, 2003 marks one hundred years since the Wright brothers took off from the face of the earth with the first airplane. With a flight of 36.6 meters in 12 seconds, the brothers flew into history. The exhibition Til veirs? is one of the Norwegian Aviation Museum’s contributions to the 100th anniversary. We have allowed ourselves to move the gaze from the Wright brothers in the United States – to Europe and Norway to see what happened here in the years after the first motorized wing flight in 1903.

The enigmatic China

For thousands of years, China has been shrouded in mystery and excitement. Items such as silk, tea and bamboo amazed Europeans: How was this shiny silk fabric made? Were there really dragons in China?

The silkworm, the tea bush and fossils with dinosaur bones are some of the things we see in this exhibition. China’s natural phenomena are no less astonishing in modern eyes.

The hunt for dragons has actually led us to sensational knowledge about the origins of birds.
The exhibition is suitable for both children and adults.

“SOS Italia”

The photo exhibition SOS Italia is about Luftskipet Italia’s wreck in 1928, and the subsequent rescue operation that was launched to save the casualties.

From the introduction to the exhibition:

75 years ago the airship Italia flew to the North Pole under the command of General Umberto Nobile. During the return flight the airship crashed on the pack ice. This exhibit has been arranged to honor Norway’s Polar explorers
Roald Amundsen and Leif Dietrichson and all those brave men who lost their lives in the attempt to rescue the surviving Italia expedition members in distress on the ice. A total of 23 airplanes, 16 ships and 1,400 men from eight countries were involved in the rescue operations between May and October 1928.

This photo exhibit has been prepared by the Polar historian Dr. Fred Goldberg. The ambition is to give a short summary of the major events around the airship disaster and the following search and rescue operations. Some of the events are well documented and some not. Therefore the photographs have not been chosen for their quality but for their motif and historical significance.

The exhibition is subtitled in English, and made by Fred Goldberg.


Did you know that there are bats in Salten? And even as far north as Troms? We actually have the world’s northernmost occurrence of bats in our region!
Get to know this strange nocturnal animal that has so many myths attached to it.

“The 5 Big”

A magnificent exhibition about our 5 large Nordic predators: Wolf, bear, lynx, wolverine – and human!

“The pilot Roald Amundsen”

On May 12, 2001, it was 75 years since Roald Amundsen and his crew crossed the North Pole with the airship “Norway”. It was the first time the North Pole was reached by any means of transport. “The pilot Roald Amundsen” is organized by the Fram Museum and it consists of unique photographs. Several of them have not previously been shown to the public.

“The Many Faces of the Cold War”
an exhibition about the Cold War

The exhibition provides an introduction to the Cold War and its effects on culture and society, with a special focus on Bodø. It is specially adapted for upper secondary and upper secondary school, and it comes with suggestions for teaching arrangements, reading tips, teacher guidance and in-depth information about the conflict. Welcome to an era that had enormous significance for modern northern Norway!

After World War II, a new conflict arose between old allies. Gradually, Europe and the world were divided into two power blocs, with the United States and Western Europe on one side, and the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe on the other. It was a conflict over influence, power and ideology. The development of new types of weapons – weapons of mass destruction, gave the conflict a new dimension and helped to make it both more long-lasting and more comprehensive than all previous conflicts in history.

What role did Norway play in all this? How did this affect our culture and our society? What consequences did the conflict have for Northern Norway? For Bodø? These and more questions the exhibition tries to answer.

In addition to photos, text, film and newspaper clippings, the exhibition contains a real atomic bomb, Selmer Nilsen’s spy radio and much more.

The exhibition is made especially with youth and high school in mind. It therefore includes tips for questions and project assignments, reading tips, a teacher’s guide and an in-depth information booklet. But the exhibition is interesting for all ages.

“Aurora Borealis” – The Northern Lights

“Aurora Borealis” is about the fantastic northern lights, a natural phenomenon that we here in the north can enjoy in the autumn and winter darkness. Now we can offer you an exhibition about this nature’s play. The exhibition is wide-ranging; from science and research on the Northern Lights before and now, to the significance of the Northern Lights for mythology, superstition and folk beliefs, and also the role of the Northern Lights as inspiration for many artists. From a broad perspective, the exhibition seeks to build a bridge between science and the popular.
There will also be a photo show with accompanying cosmic music.

The Northern Lights Exhibition is a part of the Department of Teacher Education’s 50th anniversary, which is celebrated this school year and is marked in many ways. The Northern Lights exhibition is owned by Andøya Rakettskytefelt, and is produced by the Norwegian Technical Museum.

The library at Lærerutdanninga has created its own Northern Lights page on its website. Here you will find more links to more material about the Northern Lights.

“Experience the tropical fish”

See the deadly poisonous stingrays, see the tree-climbing fish Nils, experience the colorful fish from the great lakes of Africa, enjoy the beautiful underwater life of the Amazon River.

The audience success from Harstad and Tromsø will come to Bodø and the Aviation Museum on Sunday 30 September.

The exhibition “Experience the tropical fish” gives both young and old an unforgettable encounter with the beautiful and exciting underwater life in the tropics. Alive tropical fish set in an imitation of the biotope they naturally live in.

Exhibition about model aircraft

A historical account of model flying from 1871 to the early 1960s.

Under the polar sky
an exhibition about the aviation pioneer Bernt Balchen

“Under the Polar Sky” was created on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Bernt Balchen’s birth. The exhibition seeks to provide a multifaceted picture of Balchen as a human being and a pilot. The exhibition is built around a large number of photographs, supplemented by objects and models.