Curator / research leader Karl L. Kleve:

Sources for Norwegian air military history. Collaborative project with the Department of Defense Studies, Luftkrigsskolen, Prosjektet Luftforsvarets Historie and Forsvarets Overkommando Bortsettingsarkivet.

Curator / research leader Karl L. Kleve:

The Air Force as an infrastructure developer in northern Norway during the Cold War – case study Andøya.
Published 2002.

Fellow Stian Bones Larsen:
The Cold War and Northern Norway approx. 1947-1977: A study of cultural appropriation and societal effects.
Completed 2004.

Olav Gynnild:
Guides Jacobsen
Scheduled for completion in 2006

Publications in 2001

Kleve: Sources for Norwegian Air Force history. IFS-info 3/2001
Kleve: Aviation and nationalism. Nordlandsposten October 2001
Kleve: Modernization and risk – two sides of the military presence during the Cold War. Nordlands Framtid 28.09.2001
Larsen: Gerhard Schøning, Gothicism and the Re-evaluation of Northern Landscapes. Acta Borealia No. 2 2001.

Lecture 2001

Kleve: Aviation and nationalism. Odd Fellow 15.05.2001
Kleve: The research activity at the Norwegian Aviation Museum. IATM seminar, Norwegian Aviation Museum September 2001
Kleve: The Norwegian Aviation Museum’s network. Seminar on the technical museums and the ABM report, at the Norwegian Technical Museum December 2001
Larsen: The Norwegian historian Gerhard Schøning (1722-1780) and the Re-evaluation of Northern Landscapes. The 7th Circumpolar University Co-operation Conference, Tromsø, Norway. August 19th – 21st, 2001.
Larsen: Gerhard Schøning and the revaluation of the north in the 18th century; lectures given in the 18th century and the origins of romance. Norwegian Society for 18th Century Studies: An Interdisciplinary Conference and Researcher Education Course, Tromsø 20-22. September 2001. Published as an article in the magazine Nordlit in 2002 (coming).
Larsen: The Cold War and Northern Norway. Lecture on the history of basic subjects, Bodø University College, 15.11.01.
Larsen: Presentation of paper (part of doctoral dissertation) at the research seminar at Bodø University College, 13.11.01.