Permanent exhibitions

Civil aviation

The museum’s exhibition on civil aviation history tells a story that goes from pioneering spirit and heartbreaking daring, to aviation as an important means of transportation today.

Aviation in Norway started with demonstrations in the early 20th century. Record setting was an important sport. Shipping by air was attempted in 1920, while the first regular passenger routes began in 1935.

It was not until the 1950s that aviation became important for Norwegian transport.

In the exhibition, you can test aerodynamic principles yourself, and topics such as engines, navigation, meteorology, the Norwegian Aero Club, airlines and rescue services are elaborated in separate departments. The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration’s department explains what goes on behind the scenes before the planes take off, and what aids the planes have to transport you as passengers from one place to another, in a safe way.

Military aviation

From being an aid for observing the enemy’s movements, Norwegian military aviation has also developed into an important, independent, branch of defense. The exhibition includes the establishment of the Army and Navy Air Force, the war 1940 -45 and the construction of Norway’s modern air defense after World War II.