The kindergartens in Bodø and the surrounding area are good at visiting us, and using us as part of their arrangements. Many people prefer to go on their own – on a journey of discovery in the museum, while others think it’s nice that someone from the museum is with them.

Guided tour “The dream of flying!”

In this tour, the children get to know the museum better. We’re talking about the dream of flying. Who can fly? Why can birds fly and not us? We walk around the museum on a journey of discovery and find, among other things, the world’s first aircraft. Maybe we can take a trip with Morten Dobbeldekker!

Play with numbers! – suitable for 4- 6 year olds

We at the Aviation Museum, in collaboration with the National Center for Mathematics, have created an exciting program for kindergarten children. In the program “Play with numbers” we will move into mathematics through play and talk. First we will find some numbers of wood and travel with a number train. We see and talk about what we see during the journey, and end up with a fun game!

Number of children: Max 10. Duration: approx. 1 hour 15 min.

On their own

For those of you who do not want participation from the museum, it is exciting to go on a journey of discovery in the exhibitions on your own. It’s amazing what eyes at meter height see and see! There is a lot to wonder about and enjoy here. The kindergarten staff does not need to have great prior knowledge, but can wonder with the kids. But it may be useful to have looked at the “Preparation Booklet” before you come.

Preparation booklet

We have made a booklet that can be used before or after a visit here. Pictures that can be hung up are included with the booklet, which otherwise contains information about some of what the children can see in the exhibitions. We see that children who are prepared before they come to the museum, have great pleasure in recognizing what they have talked about in kindergarten, at the same time as they actually know a little about what they see.
They feel competent, which they are!

The booklet can be ordered from us, and is free!

practical information

How much does it cost?

The kindergarten office pays entrance tickets for kindergartens in Bodø municipality (private as well as public). There are no restrictions on how often you can come to us.

For kindergartens outside Bodø municipality it costs NOK. 25, – per head.

Can we eat at the museum?

You can bring your packed lunches and eat in the café. For large groups, or other bookings in the museum, we arrange dining space elsewhere in the museum. Let us know if you are going to eat at the museum when you order.

Opening hours

Weekdays: at 10 – 16 in low season.

Weekdays: at 10 – 19 in high season.

Remember to order!

Please let us know before you call 75 50 78 50, even if you are going on your own. Then we can coordinate if needed, and make sure everyone has a great time here!