Do you have questions about Norwegian aviation history – or do you perhaps need a photograph?

Remember that our exhibitions are just the tip of the iceberg. We also have collections of books, archive material, technical manuals, journals, photographs, information and various types of archive material. Many of the older guard at the museum have previously worked in aviation, and constitute a unique memory bank of information, practical knowledge and stories.

In the museum’s archive and library premises you will find papers and documents from the early 1930s, books, magazines and video. In connection with the archive itself, an office landscape with an audience office has been decorated. Researchers as well as school students can work here in peace and quiet with aviation history studies.

In our room of approx. 300 m2 there are rolling racks with a total space of approx. 800 shelf meters archives. The museum has electronic registration systems so that it is possible to search for the location of the papers or books you are looking for. The library’s database is also searchable via the Internet.

Opening hours library / archive: weekdays at 9:00 – kl. 15:00