The Norwegian Aviation Museum gives you a broad and engaging overview of Norway’s civil and military aviation history. In the museum you can embark on an exciting “journey” through parts of the history of our time. You experience dreams that came true, aviation as a show, aviation as defense and aviation as a means of transportation. Follow a technical development that has led us today to fly with the greatest of course.

The exhibitions in the museum have been created through a collaboration between the Norwegian Aviation Museum, the Defense Museum and the Civil Aviation Administration’s State Museum.

Purpose and goals

The establishment

The Norwegian Aviation Museum is centrally located in Bodø, approximately in the same place as the German airport from the last war. The current airport is the nearest neighbor. It was one of NATO’s most important military bases during the Cold War. Over time, military and civil aviation activity has contributed to great professional expertise in most things related to aviation and aviation in Bodø.

On 31 March 1992, the Storting adopted:

“In line with the Storting’s previous consideration of the matter and with the Government’s positive assessment of the proposal for the establishment of an integrated Norwegian Aviation Center in Bodø, the Storting agrees with the establishment of a national air defense museum as an integral part of the Norwegian Aviation Center Bodø.”

The Norwegian Aviation Center was opened to the public by HM King Harald V on 15 May 1994.

At the initiative of the Government v / the Ministry of Culture, the foundation Norwegian Aviation Museum (NL) was established on 1 January 1998 with Bodø municipality and Nordland county municipality as co-founders. The foundation includes the former Norwegian Aviation Center Bodø, as well as professionals and assets from the former Norwegian Civil Aviation Museum. The foundation was given the status of a national museum and the operating funds are allocated from the State Budget.

The Norwegian Aviation Museum is Norway’s national aviation museum and therefore has a natural responsibility to work with the whole of Norwegian aviation history.

Business idea

The Norwegian Aviation Museum is a technical and cultural history museum that conveys knowledge about aviation history in an engaging way. The museum is a leader in the management of Norwegian aviation history, with international relations.


The purpose of the Norwegian Aviation Museum is to:

Collect and preserve material on Norwegian aviation history

Conduct research on Norwegian aviation history

Communicate knowledge about, understanding of and experiences of aviation history

Collaborate with others to develop the air history environment and international relations.