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The Norwegian Aviation Museum’s restoration department and workshop are located in the building next door to the museum itself. The building also contains the museum’s photo department, archive, library and magazines. Parts of the building are also managed by Bodø Luftfartshistoriske Forening (BLHF).
In addition to the magazines in the workshop, the museum has a hangar (Hangar 9) at Bodø Central Airport as storage for aircraft.

The workshops amount to approximately 250 square meters. They are furnished with a main workshop of just over 100 square meters as well as a carpentry workshop, a sheet metal workshop, a machine workshop, an instrument workshop and a model workshop. Three of the specialty magazines for objects are also located in the same building.

The restoration department is headed by a conservator with responsibility for restoration, collection and preservation of aircraft and objects. Incoming objects are registered and stored until they are either used in our various projects or are included in the exhibitions.

The rest of the staff at the restoration department consists of retired aircraft technicians with a background from the Air Force, members from Bodø Aviation History Association work and with the restoration and construction of aircraft and objects for the museum. This part of the activities is done on a voluntary, unpaid basis. Members of the association have put in tens of thousands of volunteer hours for the museum.

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