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The wreck of the Albacore N4325 is transferred to Bodø

The wreckage of the Fairey Albacore N4325 “5B” from 828 Squadron FAA, which for several years has now been stored at the Borderland Museum in Kirkenes, will shortly be transferred to the Aviation Museum in Bodø.

Seilfly 2005

From the glider club at Bardufoss (which is now closed), the museum received a Scheibe Bergfalke II as a gift in the spring of 2005.

Larsen II 2005

Captain C.L. Larsen designed and built his own all-metal aircraft and flew it for the first time in 1952.
Now this plane has ended up at the museum and is waiting to be restored.

Junkers Ju-52

Parts for Junkers Ju-52, which is on display in the museum, are constantly being collected.

Tiger Moth “143”

Aviation history treasure given as a gift to the Norwegian Aviation Museum.
Side rudder for Tiger Moth “143” collected from Trøndelag.

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