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Bodø Luftfartshistoriske Forening (BLHF) was founded on October 3, 1989 by some enthusiasts who were keenly interested in aviation and aviation history. The establishment of an Aviation Museum was undoubtedly the driving force, and many became members from the very beginning. The membership increased rapidly, and was distributed throughout the country. Over the years, the association has also gained many members abroad. Today we find them in the USA, England, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Finland.

The association has about 330 members, and in collaboration with the Norwegian Aviation Museum, they have access to about 500 m2 of premises. Here there is an association office, restoration rooms, modeling workshop, photo department and warehouse. And not least a nice gathering place; The “coffee bar”, where members and others can meet both during the day and in the evening for a chat and a pleasant get-together.

Some of the work done by the association’s members:

2 “Junkers 52” have been restored. One is today in the Norwegian Aviation Museum’s exhibition, the other has been delivered to Portugal’s National Aviation Museum. The association’s members have also participated in the restoration of “Flysamlingen på Gardermoen”‘s “JU-52”.

“Me 15” and cockpit sections of “Blackburn Skua” and “BF 109 Messersmith”

Several aircraft that have been restored and can be seen in the exhibition at the Norwegian Aviation Museum are “C5 Polar”, “Norwegian Quay”, “Spitfire MK-IX”, “Lehrmeister” gliders and “Grünau” gliders.

One of the major works that has been done is the construction of a replica of the aviation pioneer Gidsken Jakobsen`s “Saaski 2” on behalf of the Norwegian Aviation Museum. The plane is now in the museum’s exhibition.

In addition to this, the association has a number of several smaller projects underway. Be it instrument panels, motors, models, history collections, etc.

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