Welcome to the Norwegian Aviation Museum!

The Norwegian Aviation Museum is Norway’s national museum of aviation.

In the museum, you can see for yourself what happened when people took the leap into the sky. It did not happen without drama!

The museum offers the foremost knowledge of Norwegian aviation history. Here there are planes, of course, but also stories, experiences and much more exciting that are suitable for both young and old.

New Unique exhibition about

Southern travel

The museum is working on the new exhibition “Feriereiser”, which will be part of the already permanent exhibition.


New, vibrant programs on our simulator

The museum has got 3 new programs for the experience simulator.

Blackburn Skua found in Trondheimsfjorden

A Blackburn Skua plane that was shot down in 1940 has been found in Trondheimsfjorden.

The ice front

The Aviation Museum is working to realize a separate exhibition building for a separate exhibition about the Cold War.
Updated 17.07.2007

Air sports day

Over 2000 visited this year’s Air Sports Day which was held on Sunday 10 June.

Norwegian Aviation through 100 years

An easy-to-read and fun introduction to Norwegian aviation history, and also an elaboration of the museum’s exhibitions.

Norwegian Aviation History Magazine

The magazine for those of you who are interested in aviation and aviation history.